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Which Best Describes You:

Consultant / Coach

I am a consultant or coach.
I want to scale.

Service Provider

I sell professional services.
I need leads and sales calls.

Local Business

I am a local business.
I want more customers.


I sell products online. I need automated traffic and sales.

We’re Here to Solve Your Digital Marketing Problem.

Are you consistently getting in front of your perfect customer online?

Are you attracting a targeted audience and converting them to leads?

Are you nurturing leads and passing sales-ready leads to your sales team?

Do you have a solid process for closing the deal? 

Based on our experience working with brands in various industries, your answers to 3 out of 4 questions above is likely NO.


Do you want a service or a solution to your problem?

Most agencies are more focused on delivering a service than solving your marketing problem. We’re not most agencies.

We help businesses get in front of targeted audiences, put them through high-converting digital marketing funnels and give you every opportunity to close the deal.

Stop wondering why you’re not attracting or closing leads. Start engaging your potential customers and closing deals.

Our 3 Primary Purposes

Build Awareness

Ensure your brand is top of mind when your potential customers are ready to buy your product or service.

Drive Leads

Generate highly-targeted leads from multiple channels to give more opportunites to your sales team.

Close Sales

Develop solid sales processes using proven tools to close more of your leads into customers.

What people are saying

  • "Attract and Close is great to work with. They are super knowledgeable and work very fast. Highly recommended for projects both large and small!"

    Amy K
    Amy K Founder
  • "Attract and Close is very knowledgeable in their field. Their suggestions and plan of action are successfully implemented and get results. They're easy to communicate with, great to work with and immediately became part of the team."

    Vickie H
    Vickie H Marketing Manager
  • "The Attract & Close team does great work. I have always been satisfied with their professionalism, knowledge, and execution. They're my go-to company when it comes to marketing and content."

    Dustin F
    Dustin F Business Owner
  • "Our commercial landscape company wanted to be the authority in our region for our services and attract new business. We saw value in content marketing but we didn't have the staff to do it internally. By working with Attract and Close, we have been able to meet our goals with little involvement and still staying within budget."

    Lisa D.
    Lisa D. Marketing / HR Manager
  • "I've been a marketer for many years but the most I had done in digital marketing was social media. After working with Attract and Close, I now have the ability to run modern digital marketing campaigns to attract new customers. I can't say enough about their team!"

    Janelle M.
    Janelle M. Marketing Director
  • "As the largest tractor dealer in California, we've chosen Attract and Close to handle our digital marketing. They have been able to enhance public perception of our professionalism and authority. Their knowledge, communication, and quality of work is by far the best that we have seen from a marketing agency."

    Ben G.
    Ben G. Marketing / IT Manager
  • "The best there is!!!"

    David H
    David H Founder
  • "I am continually impressed with both the knowledge tireless work ethic of Attract and Close!

    James C
    James C Marketing Manager
  • "Amazing product offerings to boost and promote my business."

    Brady A
    Brady A Business Owner
  • "Great attention to detail. Attract and Close helped us with our website and online reviews."

    Daniel K
    Daniel K Business Owner

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Some of our services and tools we use

HubSpot Management
HubSpot Management
Inbound Marketing
Inbound Marketing
Website Design
Website Design
Digital Advertising
Digital Advertising
Landing Page Design
Landing Page Design
Online Reviews
Online Reviews
Email Marketing
Email Marketing
Video Marketing
Video Marketing
Live & Automated Webinars
Live & Automated Webinars

End-to-End Results-Driven Marketing

Ideal Prospects


Learn what matters to your potential customers and build an expert strategy.

Automation and Funnels


Set the foundation for marketing success with a digitally optimized website.

Content to Attract


Create compelling content to attract your ideal customers.

Metrics and Reporting


Convert visitors and close leads through nurturing and automated funnels.

Ideal Prospects

Start with an expert strategy

Do you know who to reach with your marketing? How to reach them? What messages and tactics work to turn them from strangers to customers?

A targeted marketing strategy sets the course for effective inbound marketing and content your audience wants to read.

Stop casting your marketing efforts out into the digital sea. Start trawling exactly the right waters. We help you figure out who you’re looking for and what makes them tick.

Automation and Funnels

Set your foundation with effective web design

What happens when a visitor lands on your website? Is every element of your site and blog crafted to educate, nurture, and convert? Or do you just provide information about what you do?

A website isn’t only an educational billboard. A digitally optimized, effective website forms the hub of your marketing strategy.

Stop settling for aesthetics without purpose. Start creating a beautiful, functional, lead-generating digital experience on every page.

Content to Attract

Create and promote content to attract

Do you know why you’re creating content? Are your ideal prospects actually reading it?

High-quality, unique, targeted content is critical to powering your marketing funnel. Your content should solve for the audience’s problem, not contribute to the noise.

Stop spending time creating blog posts that languish in obscurity. Start getting more traction, growing your audience and connecting with your customers.

Metrics and Reporting

Convert and close with inbound marketing funnels

Why do your site visitors never become leads? How do you convert people who read your content into potential buyers?

Not every visitor is ready to buy on their first, second or even fifth interaction with you. Our inbound marketing and automation funnels help you maintain a friendly and helpful connection to your prospects – without needing to add to your team or spend more time.

Stop worrying about where your next sale is coming from. Start building a leak-proof inbound marketing system that converts your prospects into delighted, loyal customers.

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