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What We Can Do Together

Marketing Automation

Automated marketing campaigns so we can focus on creating the content included in those campaigns that will attract and close more business.

Content Marketing

Content creation and distribution is the life-blood of all marketing efforts. Attract the right customer and warm them up before ever talking to them.

Digital Advertising

Attracting new business with content can take time. Supplement your content strategy with ad traffic and sales funnels to starting growing your business today.

Account-Based Marketing

High-ticket selling requires personalized sales and marketing efforts. With account-based marketing and sales, we reach the right person with the right message.

And much more...

Meet Your Marketing Guide

Hi, I’m Danny, the founder of Attract and Close!

A little about me…

I love technology and sports. I practice Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. I have 5 children.

If you can’t tell already, we love all things digital marketing.

We’ve worked with many organizations is many industries. This has given is the experience required to quickly assess your situation and provide a successful strategy and execution plan that fits your business specifically.

You’re here because you have a marketing problem. We have the solution.

I’m looking forward to connecting with you!

Danny Weber

Danny Weber
Founder – Attract and Close

Fantastic Companies We've Worked With...

What Our Clients Say...

I've been a marketer for many years but the most I had done in digital marketing was social media. After working with Attract and Close, I now have the ability to run modern digital marketing campaigns to attract new customers. I can't say enough about their team!
Janelle Meyers
Janelle M.
Director of Marketing
As the largest tractor dealer in California, we've chosen Attract and Close to handle our digital marketing. They have been able to enhance public perception of our professionalism and authority. Their knowledge, communication, and quality of work is by far the best that we have seen from an outsourced marketing partner.
Ben Garton
Ben G.
Marketing Director
Attract and Close is very knowledgeable in their field. Their strategies are successfully implemented and get results. They're easy to communicate with, great to work with and immediately became part of the team.
Vicki H.
Marketing Manager
Attract and Close is great to work with. They are super knowledgeable and work very fast. Highly recommended!
David H.
Marketing Manager
The Attract & Close team does great work. I have always been satisfied with their professionalism, knowledge, and execution. They're my go-to company when it comes to marketing and content.
Brady A.
Attract and Close stepped in and made a big impact immediately. They pay great attention to detail.
Daniel K.
VP Sales & Marketing

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