How Online Reviews Impact SEO

To attract more customers, you need to make your multilocation business more visible online. For your local audience to find you online, you must dominate local search, since 97 percent of consumers look online for local businesses. In addition to optimizing your website, online reviews are crucial for your local SEO. In this post, we […]

How Google Reviews Are Positively or Negatively Impacting Your Business

Attracting new customers is hard, but it is an even more difficult process for multi-location businesses. You must present yourself as the top choice in different local markets, and the best way to do this is with solid Google reviews. The vast majority of consumers seek out local companies via the internet, and your online […]

4 Ways Google Reviews Can Grow Your Healthcare Practice

Online reviews are not just important for retailers and eCommerce businesses, but they are also essential for healthcare providers. In the past, patients relied on verbal recommendations, but now online reviews are increasingly valuable. Thanks to the rise of smartphones and the internet, many patients begin their search for a healthcare practice online, and reviews […]

The Ultimate Guide to Online Review Management for Multi-Location Businesses

In the modern digital age, your online reputation matters immensely. All businesses should focus on creating a strong, positive online presence, but this is even more critical for multi-location businesses. In the past, customers searched their local paper or address book for nearby businesses that could handle their needs. Those days are long gone. Now, […]

Lead Magnets 101: How to Fill Your Sales Funnel the Easy Way

Lead Magnet

Do you and your team groan with frustration every time you check your website’s conversion rate? If you’re failing to see the numbers you’re hoping to attract with your content marketing strategy, you may be looking at the data all wrong. See, you shouldn’t be focusing on the clicks that accompany a purchase (or lack […]

How Does Content Promotion Work Exactly?

Listen to this post:   There are two types of people in the content marketing world: those who believe in content marketing wholeheartedly and make it a success, and those who gave up because they never saw results. But guess what? Unbelieving skeptics who doubt the power of content marketing — aka increasing your visitors, […]

What the Heck is a Content Upgrade and Why is it Free?


Thanks to your new content marketing strategy, your social media followers are throwing crazy love your way every time you share new content. So why is your email list still at a standstill? The truth is, you may have the slickest website and the coolest content, but if you’re not using content upgrades, you’re doing […]

How to Find Your Target Audience in Less than 1 Hour


Would you rather create content that attracts 100 visitors and converts 10, or attracts 50 and converts 30? If you’re in the latter camp, you’re one smart cookie. The goal of every content marketing strategy is to convert as many visitors as possible. Though the former group may have more brand awareness, their content isn’t […]

How to Shift From Managing to Leading Your Team

Manager Leader Header

What’s the difference between a manager and a leader? Though both hope to motivate their employees to complete their tasks, only one of them is more likely to get the job done. See, managers typically rely on keeping a close watch of their employees’ every move. Micromanagement is the name of the game and everyone […]

Be Honest: Do You Really Know How a Sales Funnel Works?

Sales Funnels

What if you could schedule sales meetings like a speed dating event personalized just for you? You’d walk into a room full of excited, qualified leads who want to buy from you; all you’d need to do is connect in a genuine way to seal the deal. Well, this is pretty close to how a […]