4 Ways Google Reviews Can Grow Your Healthcare Practice

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Online reviews are not just important for retailers and eCommerce businesses, but they are also essential for healthcare providers. In the past, patients relied on verbal recommendations, but now online reviews are increasingly valuable. Thanks to the rise of smartphones and the internet, many patients begin their search for a healthcare practice online, and reviews are some of the first things they will see. In fact, 70% of patients say online reviews are crucial in selecting a healthcare provider. 

Google reviews are guaranteed to help you stand out against your competitors. Today, we will talk about how you can grow your healthcare practice with online reviews. 


Attract More Patients 

People now start their search for a new doctor online, and healthcare reviews actually influence your search ranking for relevant results. Healthcare reviews show up on the first page of results because they provide the unique content that search engines look for. Google reviews also help your practice show up for “near me” results, which puts you directly in front of local patients looking for a healthcare provider. 

Google reviews not only help people discover your practice, but they also differentiate your practice. Patient reviews are also a powerful form of social proof. Choosing a new healthcare provider is often frightening for patients. Reviews from satisfied patients will reduce the fears of potential patients and ensure others that they will get a positive experience at your healthcare practice. 


Deflate Negative Reviews

Positive reviews overarchingly help your practice, but negative reviews are important for your growth as well. 70% of patients think it is important for healthcare practices to respond to online reviews. How you respond to reviews is just as critical as getting the reviews. Responding to reviews helps your practice rank higher on Google search results, and it also demonstrates how you treat and value patients. Just taking the time to respond to reviews shows potential patients that you truly care about them. 

By responding to negative reviews, you may also be able to resolve a problem and help a patient feel better. Many times, very negative reviews is a plea for help with a problem. Responding quickly and moving the conversation offline will often allow you to resolve the issue and get the review changed or removed. 

Remember to be HIPAA compliant when responding to all reviews. Never identify the reviewer as a patient, as that is considered a breach of privacy. Additionally, you should always aim to be polite and professional. Objectively evaluate the review to determine if there was something your practice could have done differently, and accept responsibility when warranted. 


Use Positive Reviews in Your Marketing Efforts

Online reviews serve as authentic content that you can use to enhance your marketing strategy. You can share positive reviews on your website, social media, email newsletters, and landing pages to offer social proof. Add a review widget to your website to display reviews, and include relevant reviews on your service pages. Reviews are also powerful and effective to include in your social media strategy, as people respond better to user-generated content than to brand-generated content. Focus on choosing reviews that are detailed and really outline the patient’s experience with your practice. 


Improve the Patient Experience 

Perhaps the most obvious way online reviews will help you grow your healthcare practice is by helping you improve your patient experience. Good or bad, all reviews will help you learn about your practice and the ways you can improve it. 

Use positive reviews to learn about what is working, so you can do more of it. Pay close attention to what patients are liking about your practice, and look for ways that you can keep the ball rolling and ensure more patients have the same great experience. 

Negative reviews may provide even more insight into the patient experience than the positive ones. Keep a clear mind while reading and responding to negative reviews, and try to see the reviews objectively. Make notes of any complaints and look for trends. If multiple patients have a similar complaint, they may be pointing out a way that you can improve the experience for your patients. You may find some procedures or factors that are a repeated issue and that a few quick changes can solve. 


Start Growing Your Practice with More Google Reviews Today 

Online reviews are one of the best ways to make a great first impression with patients. To be competitive in the modern digital age, you must regularly generate new reviews, respond to reviews, and utilize positive testimonials for social proof in your marketing efforts. A strong online reputation sets you apart from others and builds your credibility with patients. 

Attract and Close is here to help you grow your healthcare practice through online reviews. Our highly experienced team uses a results-driven approach to help you manage your online reputation to ultimately grow your healthcare practice. Learn more about how Attract and Close will help you grow your healthcare practice with Google reviews by scheduling your free consultation.

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