The Art of a Successful Landing Page

A successful landing page is a stand-alone ambassador of your brand. Designed to impress visitors and convert them into loyal customers.

(Separate from a homepage, which offers several calls-to-action and has many options to navigate.) Each landing page will have a primary conversion goal, with a single focused plan.

There is almost no point to drive traffic to a website if there’s no plan for what to do with the visitors or where to send them next.

There is almost no point to drive traffic to a website if there’s no plan for what to do with the visitors or where to send them next. Click To Tweet

While raising awareness of your company and its offerings is a start, you must then craft a plan for your visitors. Tell them exactly what you want them to do and why they should do it.

That’s your landing page. A crisp, clear picture of the next steps and the useful guide that your potential customers have been looking for.


Unique Selling Proposition

How do you describe the essence of your existence? What is your stellar point of differentiation? The one-liner reason a reader should take time to continue learning about your company?Break down your offer into clear, enticing phrases that will catch the eye with:

Break down your offer into clear, enticing phrases that will catch the eye using:

  • Headline – As the first thing visitors will see, this should be a strong message, confirming connection and
  • Sub-Header – Elaborate on your headline with extending messages that finish the thought or support the message with further persuasion
  • Reinforcing Statement – Resting about halfway down the page, this is another opportunity to drive home your message as a second headline which further reinforces the point of the page.
  • Ending – Close the argument with a final compelling statement that reminds visitors why they can’t just leave, backing up your original proposition in a way that is too good to pass up.


Visual Support

Stunning visuals are essential on a successful landing page, demonstrating the value of your products or services in a way words cannot. Two proven methods to ensure this are:

  1. Graphics that place your offer in a real life scenario prove its superiority and usability and show what the viewer has truly been missing.
  2. Videos can thoroughly showcase the ins and outs of a product or allow a charismatic representative to further convince of its merit.

Allow your visitors to imagine themselves as your current customer. Show them your company can and will solve the problem at hand or why you are the answer to fill their need or desire.


Unbeatable Benefits

After winning the attention of your audience with powerful visuals and irresistible headlines, it’s time to carefully choose advantages that will convince, without becoming too wordy.

Include a brief summary and clarify with 3-5 bullet points.

  • Add details about how features will benefit the user
  • Solve for problems that exist
  • Improve upon current standards in the industry.

Focus on indisputable reasons that the visitor should choose to connect with you further.


Social Proof

Understandably, nobody likes being the guinea pig. And the bigger a decision is, the more we appreciate – reassurance. Specifically, from someone who has made this same decision before.

People want to know that your company and services are tried and true. They’re looking to see that every person who’s been converted to a customer, remains thrilled that they did! Display how your customers cannot imagine a life before your product or service.

A few key ways to do so are by listing:

  • Social media stats of followers, likes, and comments.
  • Written Testimonials
  • Star ratings, with reviews.
  • Video Testimonials
  • and professional write-ups or recommendations.

Of course, if you are just starting out in the social media world, there are other options for reassuring your potential customers. Feature quotes from satisfied customers, true success stories, and statistical examples of ways you have saved money/improved business/made life better.



A single conversion goal is the purpose of the page. Give browsers a simple direction once you’ve impressed them with what you’ve shared so far. This is where you truly want people to interact with your page. So design and placement are key.

If you are including a form, make sure that it is short! Avoid pointless statements like “CLICK HERE” or “SUBMIT” in favor of CTAs that remind users what they are interested in such as “REQUEST FREE CONSULTATION”.

Visitors to your landing page should have a clear understanding of your company, what it has to offer, and be provided with an easy opportunity to find out more.

Create your landing pages with a clear purpose and direct business goals. By doing this, you will greatly – and simply -contribute to your overall marketing strategy.



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