Lead Magnets 101: How to Fill Your Sales Funnel the Easy Way

Lead Magnet

Do you and your team groan with frustration every time you check your website’s conversion rate? If you’re failing to see the numbers you’re hoping to attract with your content marketing strategy, you may be looking at the data all wrong. See, you shouldn’t be focusing on the clicks that accompany a purchase (or lack […]

How Does Content Promotion Work Exactly?

Listen to this post:   There are two types of people in the content marketing world: those who believe in content marketing wholeheartedly and make it a success, and those who gave up because they never saw results. But guess what? Unbelieving skeptics who doubt the power of content marketing — aka increasing your visitors, […]

How to Find Your Target Audience in Less than 1 Hour


Would you rather create content that attracts 100 visitors and converts 10, or attracts 50 and converts 30? If you’re in the latter camp, you’re one smart cookie. The goal of every content marketing strategy is to convert as many visitors as possible. Though the former group may have more brand awareness, their content isn’t […]

How to Shift From Managing to Leading Your Team

Manager Leader Header

What’s the difference between a manager and a leader? Though both hope to motivate their employees to complete their tasks, only one of them is more likely to get the job done. See, managers typically rely on keeping a close watch of their employees’ every move. Micromanagement is the name of the game and everyone […]

How Important are Buyer Personas for Your Business?

Buyer Personas

If it seems like you can’t go a day without a thought leader from your marketing or sales circles mentioning ‘buyer personas’, there’s good reason for it. Working without them is simply not an option if you want to be successful. To give you perspective, trying to market or sell your services without having detailed […]

How to Achieve Success by Combating the Case of the Mondays

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If you learned that the secret to being successful started with how you handled Monday mornings, would you dislike them any less? Sure, we all get a case of the Mondays after a nice weekend; just the thought of starting yet another hectic workweek sends most of us into a spiral of being unmotivated. But […]

5 DO’S When Using Facebook for Business

Facebook Connect Button

While many of us consider Facebook a great platform for sharing pictures, connecting with friends, and posting recent statuses; this super successful social media platform has become a valuable tool for businesses all over the world. Whether an established business owner or a start-up entrepreneur, you too can utilize the power of Facebook for promoting […]

eBooks and Whitepapers and When to Choose

Ebook WhitePaper Image

Content offers, like eBooks and whitepapers, give your business added credentials. They present your company as a leader in the industry, able to speak on a variety of topics in depth. Targeted content can be written for a specific goal and to a specific group of people, opening up conversations with potential customers and educating […]

The Art of a Successful Landing Page

Marketing Rocket Ship

A successful landing page is a stand-alone ambassador of your brand. Designed to impress visitors and convert them into loyal customers. (Separate from a homepage, which offers several calls-to-action and has many options to navigate.) Each landing page will have a primary conversion goal, with a single focused plan. There is almost no point to drive […]

Why Inbound Marketing is the Oil to Your Sales Funnel Machine

Oil Can Vector

Okay so you’ve built this amazing blog and now the leads will start pouring in and becoming customers, right? Wrong. Well, partially wrong. If you’ve taken the steps to ensure this “top of the funnel” content will further lead your visitors into your sales funnel, then yes absolutely! But if you’ve only created this blog with […]