How to Attract Jewelry Customers with Positive Online Reviews

Your online reputation is your most valuable tool for attracting new customers to your jewelry store. To dominate your local market, you must set your jewelry store apart from the competition. Since finding information is now as easy as the click of a button, people turn to the internet when searching for local businesses. In fact, 97% of people will look online to learn about a local business first. 

When people look for a jeweler, reviews can be your differentiator. With a strong online reputation composed of many positive reviews, you can be the obvious choice. 

Read on to learn more about you can attract more jewelry customers with positive online reviews. 

Benefits of Online Reviews

Online reviews are essential for your jewelry business. The best way to attract new customers and retain previous ones is with positive online reviews. Some of the ways online reviews benefit your business include:

  • Build credibility. Customers want to know they are choosing a reliable, trustworthy company. Online reviews offer a glimpse into your great products and services, so new customers can feel more confident choosing your jewelry business. 
  • Social proof. Online reviews are a powerful form of social proof. While many customers are skeptical of the information brands provide, 84% of people trust online reviews as much as a friend. 
  • Increase your local SEO. The higher your website shows up for relevant keywords, the more potential customers you reach. Increasing your search ranking, or SEO, is a tricky process, but Google confirmed that online reviews are a factor. 
  • Sets your business apart. On the surface, the difference between you and your competition seems small. Online reviews differentiate your business from competitors and highlight the reasons that potential customers should choose you. Online reviews help you attract more customers and lower your customer acquisition costs. 

How DeAngelos Jewelry Dominated Their Local Market

We helped our client, DeAngelos Jewelry, attract more customers using online reviews. Prior to working with us, DeAngelos had less than 10 Google reviews. They now have nearly 600 and counting each day. The surge in reviews puts them at the top for local search. DeAngelos now gets more calls and visits than ever before. Additionally, they expanded their customer radius. Online reviews attract more customers to DeAngelos and customers are even willing to travel further to visit the store. By leveraging online reviews, DeAngelos has dominated their local market and grown their business.

Generate More Reviews for Your Jewelry Business

Start attracting more customers and growing your jewelry business by generating more online reviews. Attract and Close is here to help you streamline your review generation process and online reputation management. Our dedicated team has the knowledge and experience to help you with your entire review strategy. To learn more about how we can help or to get started, contact us today to schedule your free discovery session HERE

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