How to Grow Your Home Service Business with 5-Star Online Reviews

Acquiring new clients for your home service business can be very tricky. People are hesitant to let strangers onto their property, and rightfully want to find the best service possible. As a plumber, electrician, pest controller, handyman, mover, etc. you will have a lot of local competition for clients. One of the best ways to differentiate yourself from the competition is with 5-star online reviews. In this post, we will explain why online reviews are critical for your home service business and how to start generating more. 

The Importance of Online Reviews for Home Service Companies

A staggering 92% of customers read online reviews before making a purchase. Before a potential client will consider your business, they are searching for your business online and reading online reviews. Therefore, online reviews are one of your first chances to make a positive impression with a potential client. 

The quality of reviews is critical for building trust with clients. 88% of consumers will read up to six reviews before they form an opinion, so it is more important than ever to acquire a large body of reviews. The more positive review you have, the more that potential clients will trust the information, and the more likely they will be to consider your business. 

Additionally, only 14% of consumers would even consider using a local business that has less than a three-star rating. That means the rest, 86%, will only consider a home service company with at least a three-star rating. Positive ratings put clients at ease and provide incredible social proof for the quality of your service and employees. 

Online reviews also have a snowball effect. The more positive reviews you have, the more clients you will attract, and the more reviews you will earn. Instead of spending countless time and money on customer acquisition, you will have clients flocking to your business when you have a strong online reputation. 

How to Generate More Positive Reviews 

Online reviews are the key to attracting more local customers to your home services business. Unfortunately, many home service companies struggle to do this. The keys to obtaining more positive reviews include:

Offer Great Service 

Of course, great reviews start with great service. Make sure you are offering quality service and employees are being professional. While excellent service is an important start, it will not get your reviews alone. People are likely to post a review when they are upset than when they are satisfied with your service. 

Make It Easy to Leave Reviews 

To generate online reviews, you need a strong online presence. People should easily be able to find your website and Google Business page when they search for your business online. You should allow customers to easily leave a review on your own website, as well as top review sites. 

Ask for Reviews in Person 

Many companies have tried to get reviews by handing out flyers or posting signs. While these strategies may help a little bit, they will not generate the amount or quality of reviews you need to grow your business. 

Instead, ask customers directly after their service if they would be willing to receive a link to leave a review. If the client agrees, send the link as soon as possible via email or text. Sending the link to leave a review will reduce the friction of the process, making it much easier for the client. Asking directly will be even more effective if you explain how reviews help your home service business. 

Respond to Reviews

Getting reviews is only part of the equation, you must also respond to them. Monitor reviews closely and respond to all reviews. A quick, personalized response lets a happy customer know how much you appreciate their review and helps build your relationship. A timely response to a negative review can help you remediate the situation and potentially save the client. 

Automate the Process

A big reason that many home service companies lack reviews is that the process can be time-consuming. Manually asking for reviews, sending the links, and responding to reviews takes time that many home service companies do not have. Streamline review management with our powerful team and software

Start Generating More 5-Star Reviews

Now is the time to start generating more 5-star reviews for your home service business, and Attract and Close is here to help. We have the expertise and tools to help your company streamline review generation and management. Our dedicated team knows how to help all kinds of home service companies including:

  • Plumbers
  • Electricians
  • Solar companies
  • Pool services
  • Pest control
  • Movin
  • Cleaning
  • Painters
  • And more!

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