How to get more customers from leveraging positive online reviews on your website

There’s a super simple way to convert more customers from your website. 

Doing all of the hard SEO work to get customers to your site is only one part of the equation, once they are on your website you must convert them from visitors to customers. While website design and content are certainly important, there is one incredibly effective way to convert more customers. 

The not-so-secret secret is online reviews. 

Online reviews are actually your magic weapon when it comes to boosting website conversions. The easiest, most useful way to leverage your online reviews is to display them on your website. 

In today’s post, we will explain the importance of displaying online reviews on your website and how we can help you master the technique. 

Social Proof is the #1 Factor for Conversions  

When it comes to conversions, many different factors play a role. You need an attractive website that has stellar design and is intuitive to navigate. Great content helps draw in customers and build relationships. Of course, your product or service needs to be of high quality. 

But the most important thing for conversions is social proof. 

Consumers are increasingly wary of what brands tell them, and they are much more likely to listen to their peers. Your positive online reviews and reputation are one of the strongest forms of social proof at your disposal.  In fact, 88% of customers trust user reviews as much as a personal recommendation. 

If you want to see more conversions, then it is time to start touting your social proof on your website. 

Use Your Positive Online Reputation

Once you’ve generated and managed your reviews effectively, it’s time to get the most out of them. Of course, online reviews organically impact your bottom line. However, there are many more ways that you can use them to your advantage. A positive online reputation is incredible to have, and now you need to use it. 

You can use your positive online reputation in many ways, like in your marketing campaigns, but your website is the easiest place to start. Pull key reviews from the biggest sites like Google and Facebook to leverage your online reputation and convert more customers right from your website. 

Where to Display Reviews 

Placing reviews on your website homepage is an excellent start, but you don’t have to end there. To effectively leverage your online reviews and social proof, you should place relevant reviews throughout your website. You can display reviews on key pages, landing pages, blog posts, and more. 

One incredibly useful way to use reviews is on product/ service pages. Pull reviews that relate to that product or service to help seal the deal with new customers . For example, imagine that you sell pet supplies. On your product page for Dog Food A, integrate reviews that talk about how great Dog Food A is etc. On your homepage, focus on reviews that speak about your brand and business as a whole, including the overall experience. 

Different Review Styles

You can easily add online reviews to your website without ruining your branding or aesthetics. There are several styles to choose from including:

  • Lists that can fit on the side of your site. 
  • Badges that show your rating and number of reviews for top review sites. 
  • Carousels that display individual reviews you can slide through. 
  • Grids that show several reviews at once. 
  • A slider that is easy to include near the bottom of your site and also has a scroll-through feature. 

Leverage Reviews On Your Website Today 

Reviews are a powerful weapon when it comes to website conversions. Once you have earned a positive online reputation, it is time to start leveraging it for your business. One of the easiest ways to leverage reviews and skyrocket your conversions is by including reviews on your website. 

The best part?

This process does not have to be difficult. Attract and Close has the tools and expertise to help you get your social proof all over your website in no time. We use the top software available to help you generate, monitor, and display your customer reviews on your website. With Attract and Close, managing your online reviews is easier than ever. Now is the time to leverage your social proof with Attract and Close. To learn more about how we can help your business or to get started, schedule your free discovery call HERE.

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