Why You Aren’t Generating Online Reviews

Reviews are incredibly important for your multi-location business. Online reviews increase your SEO, build credibility, and entice new customers. The catch is that online reviews are not easy to get. If you are offering high-quality products or services and producing happy customers but not getting many online reviews, there is a reason. In this post, we explain why you aren’t generating online reviews for your multi-location business. 

Inefficient Methods for Generating Reviews 

Doing a great job is actually not enough to earn many online reviews. If you are not generating many online reviews, it is most likely because you are using an ineffective method to generate reviews. Some of the least effective ways to get reviews to include the following:



Relying on happy customers to leave online reviews on their own accord is not going to work. A whopping 38% of Americans never leave reviews on products or services, and people are more likely to leave a negative review when they had a bad experience. Letting reviews happen naturally will lead to fewer reviews with a negative bias. 


Attract and Close client, DeAngelos Jewelry experienced this first hand. Before working with us, they were letting reviews happen naturally. The result? A mere 10 Google reviews after 15 years of experience. After a few short months with Attract and Close, they now have 600 Google reviews and counting!


Signs or Flyers

Posting a sign in your business locations asking for a review or handing out flyers probably will not hurt your business, but these methods will not get you many reviews. Both methods are impersonal and easy for customers to ignore. To significantly increase reviews for your multi-location business, you need a better strategy. 

Start Asking for Reviews

The best way to generate many positive reviews is by asking for them directly. Asking for reviews may seem intuitive, but it is something many businesses do not do. After serving a satisfied customer, you can ask them if they would be okay receiving an email or text link to leave feedback. Using our automated software, you can then send the link to leave a review. 


Why does this method work? People are more likely to agree to something when asked. Additionally, asking the customer directly helps foster a relationship. You also get a chance to explain the importance of reviews for your multi-location business, which will inspire customers who enjoyed the service. Lastly, sending the feedback link makes it even easier for the customer to leave a review. 

Generate More Online Reviews Today 

Attract and Close will help you start generating more online reviews today with our proven methods and convenient software. Our dedicated team will help you enhance your online review management so that you can generate the reviews you deserve. Learn more about our online reputation management services or get started today by scheduling your free consultation HERE.

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