Automating Online Review Generation for Multi-Location Businesses

Online reviews are crucial for your reputation, and they will help you attract more customers to your multi-location business. Customers now search for local businesses online first, and online reviews will make your business stand out against competitors. 

While online reviews are essential for your multi-location business, generating and managing them is a difficult task. Even though you need reviews, it is hard to stay on top of asking for them when you have multiple locations. 

That is why you need to automate your online review request process. 

In this post, we will explain why and how to automate your online review generations. 

The Challenge of Review Generation for Multi-Location Businesses 

The most effective way to get more online reviews is to ask for them right after the customer’s purchase, and then to send a link via text or email to the customer. This way, the visit is fresh on their mind, and they can easily leave the review with a few clicks. 

However, this process gets hectic for multi-location businesses. More locations mean more customers and more messages to send out. If you manually complete the entire process, it is easy to forget to send out the text/email. Additionally, you must delegate the task to a staff member which adds more to his or her plate. Relying on manual methods to generate reviews makes it easier to miss an important step in the process. 

Automated Review Requests are the Answer

Instead of manually requesting reviews, we highly recommend using automated review requests. Attract and Close has helped many different clients generate more online reviews using our efficient software. We connect to your CRM with our software, so that it can automatically send out the requests at the right time. This way, you never forget to send out messages, and you can be sure every customer gets one. Automated review requests simplify the process of generating online reviews and this method is ideal for companies who serve a lot of clients or have minimal staff. 

Start Automating Review Generation Today 

Attract and Close has helped numerous multi-location businesses optimize their online review generation process with our powerful software, and we are ready to help you. Automate your online review generation process today to boost your online reputation and credibility. Learn more about how Attract and Close can help or schedule your free consultation HERE.

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