How to Use your Positive Online Reputation in Your Marketing Efforts

Online reviews positively impact your multi-location business in many ways, but one underrated benefit of online feedback is that serves as great marketing content. Written by customers, reviews are user-generated content (UGC) that can fit seamlessly into your marketing plan. 

So how can you use positive feedback in your marketing strategy?

In this post, we explain some of the top ways you can incorporate reviews into your marketing efforts. 

Read on to learn more. 

The Benefits of UGC

UGC is something that you want to include in your marketing content in general. UGC influences customers far more than brand-generated content because it makes your brand appear more authentic. It is a great way to connect personally and engage more with current and existing customers. People are excited when they see a business they like using their content, and potential customers appreciate content from people who have tried the brand out. 

Case Studies

Transform a positive review into a powerful case study. Choose a detailed review that explains how your business helped the customer. Reach out for more information and write a case study to publish on your blog and share in your newsletter. In the case study, you should detail the problem your customer faced and how your businesses helped them overcome it. 

Add Reviews to Your Website 

Not only should you allow customers to leave a review on your website directly, but you should also share great reviews from Google or other review sites on your website. Add some reviews to your homepage, and add others to the relevant pages. You can add them in as a quote or directly include Google reviews on your website. 

Share Online Reviews on Social Media 

Include reviews on your social media content calendar. Add reviews to your stories or directly into your feed. You can use a capture of the exact review, or create a quote that matches your theme and style. Pick reviews that are descriptive and offer a unique perspective. A short, generic, positive review is not effective. Instead, you want reviews that explicitly explain the customer’s experience and why they loved your business. Adding reviews to your social media for specific products and services will also help promote them, which is even more important if you are introducing new ones. 

Attract and Close Can Help 

Whether you still need help generating online reviews or you want guidance on how to use them for your marketing, we are here to help. Attract and Close works with a wide range of multi-location businesses, and is ready to help yours with all of your online reputation management needs. Learn more about how Attract and Close can help your multi-location business or schedule your free consultation HERE.

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