The Ultimate Guide to Migrating to HubSpot

Are you frustrated with your current CMS and Marketing Automation Tool? Are all of your inbound  and content marketing tools spread across different platforms? If the answer is yes, or you are looking for an incredible all-in-one solution for your entire customer journey, then it is time to consider migrating to HubSpot.  Unfortunately, many companies […]

How to Attract Jewelry Customers with Positive Online Reviews

Your online reputation is your most valuable tool for attracting new customers to your jewelry store. To dominate your local market, you must set your jewelry store apart from the competition. Since finding information is now as easy as the click of a button, people turn to the internet when searching for local businesses. In […]

How to Grow Your Home Service Business with 5-Star Online Reviews

Acquiring new clients for your home service business can be very tricky. People are hesitant to let strangers onto their property, and rightfully want to find the best service possible. As a plumber, electrician, pest controller, handyman, mover, etc. you will have a lot of local competition for clients. One of the best ways to […]

How to Dominate Your Local Market With 5-Star Online Reviews

Nearly half of all Google searches are looking for local information. To attract new local customers through online searches, your business needs to dominate your online reputation. Since 92% of consumers use online reviews to assess the quality of local businesses, the best way to dominate your local market is by generating more high-rating reviews. […]

How to Attract Solar Customers with Positive Online Reviews

Gaining new solar customers is expensive. Acquiring a new solar customer takes up a whopping 17% of the total system cost! The high customer acquisition cost is a huge hurdle for solar companies. Luckily, there is one key factor that will help you attract new customers and ultimately reduce the cost for acquisition: online reviews. […]

Signs You Need Help with Online Review Management

Online reviews are so important for your multi-location business, but they are not the easiest to generate or manage. Managing your online reviews when you have multiple locations is complicated, tedious, and stressful. If you know the importance of your online reputation but are struggling to obtain the results you deserve, you may just need […]

How to Use your Positive Online Reputation in Your Marketing Efforts

Online reviews positively impact your multi-location business in many ways, but one underrated benefit of online feedback is that serves as great marketing content. Written by customers, reviews are user-generated content (UGC) that can fit seamlessly into your marketing plan.  So how can you use positive feedback in your marketing strategy? In this post, we […]

Automating Online Review Generation for Multi-Location Businesses

Online reviews are crucial for your reputation, and they will help you attract more customers to your multi-location business. Customers now search for local businesses online first, and online reviews will make your business stand out against competitors. While online reviews are essential for your multi-location business, generating and managing them is a difficult task. […]

Why You Aren’t Generating Online Reviews

Reviews are incredibly important for your multi-location business. Online reviews increase your SEO, build credibility, and entice new customers. The catch is that online reviews are not easy to get. If you are offering high-quality products or services and producing happy customers but not getting many online reviews, there is a reason. In this post, […]

How to Respond to Both Positive and Negative Reviews

There’s no doubt about it, online reviews are crucial for your multi-location business. 82% of all American adults at least sometimes read online reviews before making a first-time purchase. A significant amount of reviews and an overall high rating helps you attracts new customers, boosts your local SEO, and improves your credibility. However, something even […]